Konstantinos Zilos is a documentary photographer - photojournalist based in Athens, Greece.

He is documenting life in different continents, to dig up social commentary issues and occasions that the human rights are encroached. Last years, he is covering the refugee crisis in Greece, breaking news, disasters' aftermaths, and stories.

Konstantinos has dedicated a big part of the last years of his life to travel and has been working on several documentary storytelling projects in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Lebanon, Greece and other countries worldwide.

He collaborates with the photographic agencies Nur Photo, SOOC images & Associated Press, while he is also working for magazines and newspapers in Greece such as Vice, Kosmodromio, etc. His work has also been published in magazines and newspapers as DerSpiegel, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, DailyMail, Libération, CNN among others.


 2017, Velios School of Arts - Degree in Fine Arts  

Masterclasses, Seminars, Workshops

2023 - present:  Documentary Seminar: From concept to screenplay with director Maria Leonida

2023, Narrative and Documentary Practice, interdisciplinary seminar with Dr. Paul Lowe at VII Academy, online & Kosovo

2023, Street documentary  photography seminar with Thodoris Nikolaou, Kosovo

2022, Street documentary photography seminar with Thodoris Nikolaou, Albania - Montenegro - Bosnia - Serbia - North Macedonia

2022, Workshop "Social Recording" with Dimitris Michalakis, Athens, Greece

2019, Masterclass in Contemporary Photojournalism with Giorgos Moutafis, Athens, Greece

Group Exhibitions

2023 : Photometria - Emerging Roots, Judged by Martin Parr, Ioannina,  Greece

2023 : Photosynthesis International Festival, Athens, Greece

2023 :  #PRESS_photostories, Thessaloniki, Greece

2023 : " Picturing Crisis ", Athens, Greece

2022 :  #PRESS_photostories, Thessaloniki, Greece

2020: "Anthropause" - MOMus Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki, Greece

2020:  "CITY VS QUARANTINE"- International Art Project, Lviv, Ukraine

Solo Exhibitions

2016-2017: "In the heart of Africa", Athens, Greece



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