Konstantinos Zilos is photojournalist based in Athens, Greece.

His body of work has a humanistic approach aimed at arising emotions, combining art and social commentary. The most important element in his approach is to capture the people and the environment they live in, as behind every single person there is a story waiting to be heard. Besides that, he has participated in several environmental conservation topics and has received recognitions and awards for many of his photos. 

He is working for the photographic agencies Nur Photo & Sopa images. His work has also been published in magazines and newspapers as Vice, The Guardian,Wall Street Journal among others.

Konstantinos has dedicated a big part of the last years of his life to travel and has been working on several documentary storytelling projects in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Lebanon, Greece and other countries worldwide.




2022 :  #PRESS_photostories, Thessaloniki, Greece

2020: "Anthropause" - MOMus Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki, Greece

2020:  "CITY VS QUARANTINE"- International Art Project, Lviv, Ukraine

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